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About Us

Valentine Stuff is a small family owned business. We support other family home businesses. We started with a small one page website about 10 years ago and have now expanded to several online websites to offer people products that we think they would like. We try and make things more simple for those who can not leave the house. Finding everything online eases the burden of shopping in crowded stores and shopping malls!

Please contact us if you would like to see something on our website. We would be glad to research and find the products and or services for you!

Valentine Stuff
1353 Pope Corner Road
Shelbyville KY
502-212-3225 - Please mention this website for your inquiry. Please note our customer service hours are from 10AM to 3PM EST. If we do not answer do leave a message we will get back to you ASAP during our customer service hours. We answer emails promptly so it is easy to just email us also!

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