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Valentine's Day sometime referred as Saint Valentine's Day, a day when lovers express their feelings with greetings and gifts. Valentine's Day is becoming a decorative holiday also. Placing heart shaped wreaths on doors to greet guests for this holiday is becoming fashionable.

Valentine Stuff is a place to find what is needed to decorate your home, web page, or cards. We have those special gifts for your special love in mind. Valentine Stuff also offers free graphics which you can use to create your Valentine cards or use on web pages. We are hoping that this site will expand to have everything a person could ever need for Valentine's Day.

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Brief History Of Valentine's Day.

There might have been several Christian martyrs that had the name Valentine, but the day was probably named after a priest who became a martyr in approximately 270 AD. According to this legend the priest gave a letter to his jailer's daughter and signed it "from your Valentine", he had fallen in love with the young lady. There are also some origins of celebrations with the Roman Festival Lupercalia, a festival that was held in mid-February. This festival celebrated the coming of Spring and everything new. It also included pairing fertility rites to women with men by a lottery. Then by the end of the 5th century it was known to be St. Valentine's Day instead of Lupercalia. From about the 14th century it has been celebrated as a day of romance.

Valentine's Day Becomes Commercial

In the 1500's, messages and cards were given formally to loved ones. By the 1700's printed cards were made commercially. In the US the first commercially produced Valentine's Day Cards were in the mid 1800's. Cupid and of course hearts started appearing on the printed cards. Cupid the Roman god of love has become the tradition of showing your emotion or gratitude of love. Birds were also used since many of them symbolize the thought or expression of love.

Valentine's Day Tradition

After the 1800's Valentine's Day became very popular. Traditional gifts include chocolates or other candy, flowers, red roses in particular since they symbolize love, and cards. Many countries including the US celebrate this holiday. It has grown to be a popular celebration in school with children giving small Valentine cards and having parties.

Bad Things That Happened on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't always love and kisses. On This day in 1929 there was a mass murder with the mobsters in Chicago. Al Capone was one of the few that led this massacre.

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